Tea Stays

‘Ceylon Tea’ a brand recognisable the world over! Not only are the island's tea producing regions mainly high up in the hills scenically different, their landscapes together with the climatic conditions in which they thrive, have a magical quality to them. An invigorating cool air invites! Tea gardens neatly tended, open out in unending profusion, panoramic waves of green. One goes past scenes that will remain etched in memory always - the Devon and Castlereigh waterfalls appear among green valleys below, while the revered Adam's Peak - a mountain said to have been trod by The Lord Buddha, and Adam and becomes a place of pilgrimage in season - is reachable on a short detour. The winding breathtakingly beautiful scenic road, leads to Nuwara Eliya - the " Little England' as it has become known. The tea gardens stretch for miles upon miles down to the Ramboda Pass and over the Uva hills and beyond, until they touch the fringes of the lowland East. It is tea all the way with their pretty factories and old-style planters bungalows, a few of which have been converted into colonial style, cosy and tastefully decorated accommodation. It is the thousands of Tamil labourers imported by the British in the 19th Century, who handpick every leaf that goes into the making of the legendary 'Ceylon Tea ‘ with its everlasting appeal.